• piano dritto
  • ribassato collo d'oca
  • superibassato a vasca
  • per carichi interni a semiassi
  • con ribassamenti per gommati
  • telaio a conformazione speciale
  • outriggers or broadners of the loading platform
  • length extension of loading platform up to 3 telescopic extension
  • modules of attachable/detachable axles and dolly (frontal group of axles)
  • hydraulic platform
  • lilftable/lowerable gooseneck
  • detachable gooseneck
  • fix axles
  • detachable axles
  • hydraulic steering system
  • turntable steering system
  • pendulum steering system
  • electronic alignment of axles
  • mechanic cantilever type
  • mechanic multiple spring leafs type
  • pneumatic
  • hydraulic
  • mechanic reinforced suspension for off road
  • pendulum
  • commercial iron
  • high resistance iron
  • iron for extreme climate conditions
  • special aluminium alloy

Tecnologie processo

Selezione e controllo materiali
  • suppliers’ selection
  • iron casting certificates
  • certification of welding ropes
Processo di saldatura
  • welders employees are professionally certified according to regulations EN 287-1 and EN 440 G3SI1-
  • the welding rope is certified
Test e ricerca
  • R&D centre for new project and product development
  • testing of braking systems
  • testing of on-road performance
  • on-road performance software assisted
  • special test on demand
  • connexion truck-semitrailer in “Ministerial ring” defined by the law
Trattamenti superficiali
  • automatic shot sand blasting
  • electronically controlled warming rooms
  • solvent painting
  • painting with high resistance water-based paints
  • thickness of paint customized on demand
  • anti IRR treatment (anti infra red painting treatment)
  • painting according to specified level of gloss
  • special painting process on demand
  • hot zinc treatment
  • electronic zinc treatment
  • cataphoresis
  • metalizzation
  • plating
Tecnologie specifiche su richiesta
  • ATEX plant
  • ADR for dangerous goods
  • NATO specifications
  • STANAG specifications
  • customized specifications
  • specifications for extreme climate conditions