Una tradizione familiare

Rimorchi Bertoja S.p.A. was founded in 1926 by the Bertoja family and has been managed by the Bertoja family and by external managers. Excellence from 83 years experience makes Rimorchi Bertoja S.p.A. a European leader for design, production and sale of special and heavy weight trailers and semi trailers. A 40.000 m² production plant is the heart of the company located in Pordenone, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in the North East of Italy. The company's philosophy is TO create more value for customer offering high standard quality and high customization of each vehicle.

L'azienda e l'attività

To be a World class high standard producer and seller of customized heavy weight trailers and semi trailer for any kind of standard and special transportation is our mission.
Creating new vehicles for special and heavy weight transportation in order to meet the customer's needs is our goal.

La produzione

Since 1996 the company's quality system is certified under UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. Over 100 employees including a team of engineers and industrial designers of R&D department assure the continuous improvement of the products.
Some features of our production system are:

  • product design completely managed by a specialized R&D team of Rimorchi Bertoja S.p.A.
  • steel's quality and welding process are tightly controlled: welders licensed according to EN 287-1 (European Standards for Welder Approval) and EN 440 G3SI1 for Welding Consumables
  • tightly controlled suppliers selection among international leading suppliers of high tech components such as EBS, ABS, axles and special high resistant paintings
  • painting processes tested to endure heavy duties
  • automatic sandblasting installations to thoroughly remove oxidation by steel before undercoating painting
  • coats of paint compliant with tight parameters and quality test
  • cataphoresis treatment is used for specific accessories instead of painting in order to assure the greatest performance of durability
  • computer and laser assisted axles alignment and control
  • check and control of electronic breaking system using dedicated software